Fuengirola Vegetarian Organic Menu

The menu may change from time to time, depending on the local produce available at time of year


Homemade Soup € 3,50

Specials vary due to local seasonal produce, ask for details


Salads € 8,90

Red onion, tomato, cucumber, peppers, feta cheese, olives

Mixed lettuce, cabbage, tomato, fruit, goats cheese, hemp seeds

Mixed lettuce, grated carrots, eggs, beetroot, tomato, cucumber, corn, pumpkin seeds

Mixed lettuce, grated carrots, cous-cous, sultanas, sunflower seeds, fruit, raddish

Create your own! - Mixed lettuce, sauted vegetables & black sesame seed + any 3 veggies

Homemade Burger € 8,90

Chickpea mushrooms & onions on wholegrain or spelt bap with lettuce, tomato, cucumber (with side salad)

Italian Hot Sandwich € 8,90

Italian style pan made with sundried tomato & thyme + choose any 3 veggies & a cheese

Risotto (round rice) € 8,90

Musrooms, spinach, cherry tomatoes & parmesan

pumkin, feta cheese, spring onion, cherry tomatoes

Parmesan, grated goats, brie, cherry tomatoes

Pasta (spagetti or penne) € 8,90

Courgette, garlic, home-made pesto, kale, parmesan, pine seed

Red oinions, mushrooms, garlic, spinach, tomato sauce, parmesan, sunflower seeds

Aglio di Otlo - garlic, olive oil, parsley, cherry tomatoes, & parmesan

Create your own! - chunky sauted vegetables with garlic, & black sesame seed & parmesan

Cold Chirimoya Wrap € 8,90

Wheat flour tortilla, yogurt sauce, leafs, cucumber, peppers, tomato, grated goats cheese, sunflower seeds (side salad, tortilla chips & dip)

Chunky wrap € 8,90

Wheat flour tortilla, chunky sauted vegetables, grated goats cheese with black sesame seeds (side salad, tortilla chips & dip)

Create your own! - choose any 3 veggies!

Open sandwich € 6,90

Homemade pate, lettuce & two fried eggs ontop (wholegrain or spelt bap)

Homemade pate, lettuce, grilled red peppers & brie cheese

Caprese - tomato & mozzarella with pesto

Spinach, mushroom & parmesan

Scrambled eggs € 6,90

Mixed fresh raw salad & toasted spelt bread

Create your own! - choose any 3 veggies!

Wholegrin wheat pizza € 8,90

Tomato sauce, grated goats cheese - Create your own! - choose any 3 veggies!


Raw pear € 3,50

With banana mousse & grated nuts

Fresh fruit salad € 3,50

With optional grated nuts, grated coconut, yogurt, honey, cinnamon

Crepes € 3,50

With organic fruit jam

With fresh fruits and yogurt

With hazelnut chocolate spread & grated nuts


Veggie juices € 3,50

Glowing nutri blast - spinach cucumber, pear, orange, lemon, pumpkin, seeds

Mini apple goji - apple lettuce, min, goji berries

Fat flush - beet, carrot, raddish, garlic, parsley

Rice milkshakes € 3,50

Create your own! - choose any 3 fruits!